Weekend Escape To Montauk

Last weekend, my boyfriend Ben and I escaped to our favorite place - the very tip of Long Island, Montauk, NY. I haven't taken a break in, well, way longer than I can remember and it was so great to just relax (and rest my hands from the jeweler's bench).

My parents have been going to Montauk, a really beautiful fishing village since the 70's when they were first married. I always loved walking on the beach, helping paint the boat and smelling the salty sea air as a kid.

Water has always been my constant, that piece of life you can always rely on. The tide always goes out, and always comes back in. When I look at the ocean it makes me feel small, but in a really good way. Like I'm part of something so much bigger than myself. I can always rely on the ocean.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend, which ended with the most beautiful and intense rainbow over the lake.

Where are your favorite places to travel?

x E