Meet the Maker!


Meet the Maker : Emilie

We're sharing some fun facts about the women who make all things sparkly and who make up the Emilie Shapiro Team.

Meet the Maker:

Currently loving the podcast:
Behind The Bastards - Alex Jones

Favorite plant:
String of pearls! But really anything I can keep alive :)

Go to studio snack:
Pretzels, chips and salsa, anything I can dip in hummus, and kombucha 

Favorite piece of the collection: 
Believe it or not, I really don’t have an all time favorite piece. I love something deeply and wear it for a little while, and then move onto something else. My current everyday pieces are the looking glass pendantimmersion path necklacemosaic wilted ring, and the daybreak cuff (along with every female member of my family!) 

I love living in NYC because:
You can be anywhere in 45 minutes or less - chinatown, central park, a million museums, the cloisters, LIC and Brooklyn waterfront parks, union square farmers market - the list goes on! When I'm not in the studio I strap my 6 month old in the carrier and we have a different adventure everyday. I love that he gets exposed to so many different things and people. 

My go to restaurant in the city is:
Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles on Doyer Street in Chinatown. It's the best $10 you'll ever spend.

The song i'm listening to on repeat:
"Sedona" by Houndmouth

My favorite jewelry technique:
Water casting is a really fun way to get rid of creative block or recycle a bunch scrap metal. I melt metal to molten form and pour it in a bucket of water which creates spontaneous shapes. I love to interpret the new forms and see what I can create from them. Many of my pieces start from water casts.

Top instagram accounts
A tie between @TheSill and @JVN

A little about my pet:
I have two cats named Luna and Indie whom I'm pretty obsessed with. I think my son thinks he's also a cat right now.

Favorite place I've traveled:
Big Sur, California

My dream travel destination: 
Goa, India