A Note to All Women

Mothers come in all shapes and forms, your fierce aunt,
independent mentor and badass friend. Sources of love, strength and inspiration
can come from female role models of all types.

In honor of this, my team and I wrote descriptions of one of these types of women in each of our lives. Keep scrolling to check them out!

xo Emilie




We were completely blindsided when our son Wesley Orion was born 7 weeks early; when I was discharged  from the hospital, I felt like I was leaving a piece of me behind. We have so much gratitude towards every person in the NICU at Mt Sinai, but especially our primary nurse Jillian. Her compassion and knowledge for each and every baby being cared for got us through the toughest time of our lives. She cared for each and every little NICU warrior like her own, and met the nervous parents with knowledge, compassion and wit. Jillian’s love for what she does kept us going every day and we learned so much from her. 

- Emilie



My mom, Candace, has always been an inspiration to me, whether it's being a supportive and encouraging mom or a badass architect on a job site. She has taught me to be an independent, honest and caring woman who can do anything while not taking life too seriously. I'm so lucky to have my mom be one of my best friends. 

- Laura 






My Grandma Scheffe is glamorous, hilarious, and tough as nails! Grandma found herself in hospice care twice over the past two years. She was expelled both times for thriving, and is now better than ever at age 90! Her strength inspires me. When I recently helped to save the life of a sick pet, she was not surprised. In her words, “All things respond to love.”

- Noelle

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New addition to the family!

Emilie and her husband Ben welcomed
Wesley Orion on March 22nd in New York City.

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