Handmade Pasta!!

So last night was my first attempt at making handmade pasta since I took a fresh pasta making class at The Brooklyn Kitchen last week which was really great and the Chef was an awesome teacher (plus they gave us Brooklyn Lagers to make the class more interesting). My dough started off pretty good…1 1/4 c all purpose flour and 2 eggs. Start by making a well with the eggs still in the shell. Then crack the eggs directly into the flour well - with a fork scramble the eggs and slowly start incorporating the four + egg. Then start very lightly kneading the dough together - around 5 to ten minutes. If it’s flaky (mine was soo flaky) add a few drops of water at a time. At some point…it might start to look doughy. You’re basically there! Wrap that ball in some plastic wrap and let it hang for like 15 minutos.

In class we rolled our pasta with this amazing pasta maker…too bad I don’t have one of those! Another option is to go old school and roll is with a rolling pin…too bad I didn’t have one of those either. Another cylindrical option in my kitchen was a wine bottle. It worked pretty well. Make sure your table is well flowered….and I recommend drinking that vino pre-rolling because get those guns out - this took me a long time! But it made it taste delish. Roll the pasta out as thin as you can….keep checking the table is well floured so your dough doesn’t stick. When your pasta is thin enough….or you’re about to kiel over…flour your dough and fold in half- flour your dough and fold in half again. Repeat until you the dough is folded many times and you can’t really fold it anymore. Take a knife and cut it the wide way - very thin for spaghetti and thicker for pappardelle (fettuccini in between). Again - sprinkle with flour so your pasta doesn’t stick together.

Boil your pasta in salted water for 1-2 mins. Enjoy with a yummy sauce! My pasta came out a little thick due to my wine bottle rolling but was still really good! With the machine it would have taken around 10 minutes and my method took around 45….was pretty typical but a great first attempt! Hopefully by next Birthday or Christmas I’ll have a pasta maker….hint hint.