June. 2012: Today Emilie & I took a trip to R Gems in the jewelry district to search for stones for a new collection of hers.  I randomly found an emerald that reminded me of a wasabi pea.

My favorite part of the adventure was seeing rough diamonds for the first time.  To me, many of these crystals are more beautiful than the final expensive, cut diamonds we see in department stores!

Rough diamonds are diamonds in their natural form before being manufacture and cut for fancy wedding rings.  They look like tiny popcorns or clouds, so bubbly and shimmery.  I would’ve never thought they would be diamonds at first glance.  I would prefer rough diamonds over a cut diamond for my wedding ring! ;)  I just couldn’t believe how organic these rough diamonds were; I was always so used to seeing diamonds at these clear, multi-faceted, expensive crystals, but they start off as these pillowy, opaque mini sculptures of shimmery color.