Wax Carving Class: How to Clean a Casting

Join me in my studio to learn how to clean a casting of a piece that was wax carved and cast with the lost wax casting method. I'll go over how to send your wax model to a casting company, what to expect and what metals you can cast in. I'll demonstrate how to clean a casting by hand and also using a flex shaft by despruing, sanding, polishing and oxidizing your metal piece. I demonstrate how to finish your piece using very little tools, and also show more advanced options as well - and so can you! You'll receive a link to watch my tutorial, a list of suggested tools and where to purchase and resources for where to get your piece cast.Â

Check out my free video talking about lost wax casting and the tools and materials that are involved in wax carving.


How many times will I be able to watch the tutorial? As many as you'd like! The class is yours forever.

Do I need to take the classes in order of their lessons?  Definitely not! You can watch the projects you feel most interested in, or watch them in order. Each lesson increases in difficulty slightly as I focus on laying the foundations and building skills and techniques on top of that.

Do I need any jewelry making experience for this?  No, this is for absolute beginners or can be a great refresher for those with some experience.

What tools are needed for the class?  I try to keep the classes as basic as possible and use as little tools as possible, while also showing a bunch of different options. I'm teaching these classes at my kitchen table, so you can do it too! I recommend watching my free video which goes over tools, materials and the process.

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