6 Sessions | Jewelry Production Online Class

This 6-part online class will go through all aspects of how to create, market and sell your own jewelry line. Jewelry designer and author Emilie Shapiro breaks down every facet of running your own handmade jewelry company in this 6 part class. This is designed for absolute beginners to established designers. Register for whichever class interests you, or sign up for all six at a discount. After you register, a link to watch the webinar, notes, templates, and more will be emailed to you.

In this one hour session we will discuss the basics of how to form a business, taxes, licenses and business plans. We will cover jewelry industry specific practices including how to keep track of parts, stock and inventory. Set your business up for success by starting with good systems in place to set your business up to grow.Â

  • Session 2: Design for Production
  • Learn how to take your studio creations and create a full, cohesive collection ready to sell in this one hour session. We will discuss types of designs and techniques on how to build a collection and how to price jewelry.

    Learn about ways to design and produce your jewelry line from making every piece yourself, contracting out and everything in between. Discuss the basics of setting up a jewelers’ studio with essential tools and machines. Become a better designer by learning the types of jewelry materials and techniques will be covered such as casting, stone setting, plating and more. Learn about jewelry contractors; what you can outsource with specific recommended contractors.Â

    Get your jewelry out into the world! We’ll discuss email marketing, where to begin to drive more sales and platforms to use. We’ll talk about building a cohesive brand including packaging, artist cards and more. Discuss social media, tips for better engagement and building a brand.

    Cover the basics of designing a website and what information to include to sell your work. Discuss craft and retail shows including how to find them, setup, display and inventory planning. Talk about other strategies for selling your work both in person and online.Â

    Learn all about wholesaling your jewelry collection to retail stores. Discuss how and when to approach stores, online platforms and wholesale trade shows. Learn about line sheets and more wholesale practices. Discuss sales reps, showrooms and growth strategies.

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