How to care for your jewelry

You love and treasure your jewelry - so let’s talk how to care for it! Below are some easy tips to keep your jewelry safe and clean for many years to come.

The best way to keep your pieces clean, safe and delay any natural oxidation, is to store it in a closed canvas pouch or jewelry box. With every jewelry order you'll receive a canvas pouch and box to store your new pieces. You'll also receive a polishing cloth which you can use to brighten up your piece. Rub the metal with your cloth clean and brighten it up. Avoid using a polishing cloth on any pieces that are intended to be oxidized, like our kintsugi collection.

Daily wear:
We recommend removing your jewelry before showering/washing hands, doing dishes and exercising. It's best to avoid chemicals such as perfume, lotions & pools.

A good clean:
For an occasional clean, we recommend using mild dish soap with a soft brush (such as an old toothbrush) and then air dried to brighten up your pieces. You may also use the polishing cloth included with your jewelry to give your piece some extra shine.*

* if you purchase any of the Kintsugi pieces, do not wash or polish the pieces, the black oxidation will be removed.

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