We are extremely passionate about sustainability both inside the studio and within our everyday lives. All of our metal is 100% recycled and nickel free. We always aim to have as little waste as possible and send our metal scraps off to be refined and recycled. 

We work mainly with natural, raw gemstones that are celebrated for the beauty in their imperfections. The majority of our gemstones are purchased directly from the miner and are left exactly how they were found in the Earth. Meaning there is no cutting, stone waste, or chemicals used to polish the gems. 

We strive to limit our single use plastic usage in the studio as much as possible and are always finding new ways to do better. All of our packaging is 100% recycled paper.

We limit the use of all harsh chemicals in our studio and use environmentally friendly options. The majority of our jewelry is made in our studio and we work with select local vendors who share our same ethos.

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