Styling the New Algae Bloom Collection

Our newest collection of handcrafted brass jewelry, Algae Bloom, just landed in the shop, and we've been having fun mixing and matching it all together.  This collection is inspired by growth, which can sometimes come when we least expect it; overtaking your being in every direction and sweeping us in a new direction. This collection is about leaning into the skid and embracing change.

We love pairing these two pieces with fluttery emeralds – the Algae Earrings showcase freeform turquoise nuggets, and the Seagrass Cascade Necklace features a fringe of elegant brass leaves.

Pyrite turquoise layered jewelry

We really went for it with this look, layering together some of our favorite stones in pyrite, kunzite, raw spinel and turquoise, with the Glitter Path Cascade Necklace, the Shallow Water Pendant, the Scattered Kelp Ring, and the Shallow Water Ring.

The Seaweed Earrings are new favorites, with emeralds embedded in brass, loosely caged by seaweed-inspired cast forms. A hat and statement earrings are always a great duo.


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