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'The Fundamentals of Wax Carving & Lost Wax Casting' E-Book

For both new and more experienced jewelers, this 43 page downloadable PDF e-Book details the fundamentals of wax carving and lost wax casting and teaches fun, easy methods to create beautiful pieces!

Low maintenance and easy to do at home, wax carving requires just a handful of tools and inexpensive materials. 

Master jeweler and veteran teacher Emilie Shapiro makes her techniques learned over 20 years of experience accessible to everyone, as she leads readers through the fundamentals, tools, materials and techniques of wax carving.


1. Wax Carving Materials: hard and soft wax, forms of wax
2. Tools & Equipment: essential hand tools, essential machines, casting equipment
3. Basic Wax Carving Techniques: models with hard wax, models with soft wax, carving a stone seat, repairs and resizing
4. Molds, Casting & Finishing: molds, lost wax casting, finishing metal pieces, setting stones, anatomy of a gemstone
5. Term Glossary

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