Made To Order

Kintsugi Band


Inspired by the Japanese technique of kintsugi where broken pottery is mended back together with gold to make it stronger than it was before. Each sterling silver ring is sawn in half, and then fused back together with 14k gold to highlight the break as a new part of the whole. The metal is then oxidized to emphasize the contrast of silver and gold.

This piece is handmade-to-order, please allow 3 - 5 weeks to ship unless this piece is in stock. Each piece will vary slightly due to the uniqueness of the stones. All metal is nickel free.

The silver is blackened with a natural mineral called liver of sulfur. Please note this is a surface finish and is not permanent. As the ring lives with you, it will burnish against things and naturally fade. We do seal the rings to try to slow this down, but it will fade over time. Please reach out for more info, and if you would like us to include some solution so you can re-blacken your ring at home as you wish. We're also always happy to re-blacken your ring in the studio complimentary.

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