Flower Pendant Wax Carving Class

Learn how to create a flower pendant out of wax to be cast into metal in this beginner-intermediate level class. Using the subtractive technique, I'll cover how to select the wax material, how to transfer an image and how to accurately cut out your design. We'll go over how to refine your design and create fine details. Using the additive technique, I'll demonstrate how to add granulation details and how to make and attach jump rings.


31 Minute Instructional Video with 3 camera angles to learn how to carve a flower pendant into hard wax
Class Step-By-Step Instructional PDF with images and time stamps including images of finished projects in both wax and metal
Lost Wax Casting Video behind the scenes of a casting house in New York City, to learn how a wax model gets cast into metal 
 Wax Carving & Lost Wax Casting Quick Guide PDF on the essentials of wax carving, step-by-step overview of how casting works, and recommended casters
 Recommended Casters List 
Tool List with Rio Grande SKUs and a link to our Amazon storefront
Glossary of wax carving and casting terms

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