June Birthstone: Moonstones

June babies are lucky enough to have three birthstones – pearl, moonstone and alexandrite. As the name implies, moonstone was associated with the Greek and Roman lunar deities, and Hindu mythology claims that it is made of solidified moonbeams. With its ties to lunar cycles, moonstone is often associated with intuition, fertility and new beginnings.

Moonstone rose to prominence during the Art Nouveau period, when designers like Tiffany and Lalique began to use it in fine jewelry.

Hazy Sky Earrings (left), Rainbow Moonstone Pendant (middle), Mini Lunar Ring (right)

We're big fans of its magical iridescence and like to use it in combination with both brass and 14k gold.

Slim Hazy Sky Cuff (left), Hidden Treasure Charm necklace (middle), Rainbow Moonstone & Tanzanite Earrings (right)

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