June Birthstone: Pearls

With its origins in water and round shape reminiscent of the moon, pearls are very much associated with femininity. The ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was said to be born in the foams of the shore of Cyprus and to have adorned herself with pearls. Thus the Greeks would commonly give pearls to a bride, hoping to ensure a happy marriage.

Natural pearls are extremely rare, and most found on the market today are cultured – meaning an irritant is inserted into a mollusk shell to create the pearl.

Pearl Birthstone Earrings (left), Overcast Ring (middle), Overcast Cascade Lariat (right)

They come in many variations and colors, all of which are relatively soft, so they're best kept away from extreme conditions. But your body's natural oils are the easiest way to maintain their luster, so enjoy wearing them often! 

Summer Sky Vertical Necklace (left), Overcast Earrings (middle), Summer Sky Cascade Earrings (right) 

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