May Birthstone: Emeralds

 Famously favored by Cleopatra, emeralds have been treasured for centuries and were often buried with mummies as a symbol of eternal youth.

Emeralds are actually 20 times more rare than diamonds, and often command a higher price. But they are less dense than diamonds, so they will appear larger than a diamond of the same carat weight. Most natural emeralds have visible inclusions which are thought to add to their character and value, however an unflawed emerald is so rare that it would be worth more than a diamond of the same weight.

 Aquatic Moss Ring (left) Aquatic Moss Solo Earrings (middle) Weeping Willow Cuff (right)

 Emeralds should never be cleaned with chemicals or an ultrasonic machine, and coating them with baby oil can help prevent them from becoming brittle. Our raw emeralds are a bit heartier and make a unique gift for May babies.

Mosaic Triple Ring (left) Guardian Pendant Emerald (middle) Mosaic Thin Cuff (right)

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