June Birthstones: Moonstone & Pearls

Moonstones& Pearls are the birthstone of June. 

Moonstones have a magical flash inside them, also called adularescence. These rainbow flashes are hidden inside the stone and appear when the light catches them in the right place. It's known to heal and guide you to your inner path. Whenever I work with moonstones, I imagine a person thousands of years ago finding a moonstone on the ground and being amazed by the rainbow flash and knowing it's precious. It's hard not to believe in something bigger then you when staring into the flash of a moonstone.

Pearls are created when an irritant - like a bacteria or grain of sand works its way into an oyster, mussel or clam shell. As a defense mechanism, the muscle creates a fluid around the irritant, and slowly grows layers upon layers over time. Pearls represent wisdom acquired through experience.

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